Winnipeg Art Gallery

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About the WAG


The Winnipeg Art Gallery is a cultural advocate for understanding and experiencing art, and art-making, and their vital place in our lives, work and society.


As the premiere art museum in Manitoba, the Winnipeg Art Gallery plays a vital role in the community—enriching, inspiring, and engaging people with the world of art. As Canada’s oldest civic art museum, the WAG presents its collections and programs to local, national, and international audiences, maintaining the highest standards in current museum practices. The WAG is a place— a creative, relevant, and accessible forum—where people of all ages and backgrounds gather to experience art and the cultural well-being of their communities. The WAG is the lens that enables people to see more of life and society through the experience of art and artistic innovation.

Strategic Pillars

I. Art Building a collection of the highest standards and supporting its presentation and promotion to local and global audiences, and complementing this artistic enterprise with world-class exhibitions, programs, and collaborations.

II. Education Engaging individuals and communities with the values of art, art-making, and artistic innovation as it informs and enriches lives and society, building a legacy of understanding and enlightenment.

III. Place Providing a dynamic meeting place for people, art, and ideas within an environment that fosters creativity, learning, and fun.

IV. Finance Leveraging support from both public and private sectors while utilizing resources responsibly and cultivating new partnerships to ensure sustainability and growth.

V. Teamwork Aligning individual talents with a collective understanding to reach our strategic position on all fronts and to continue moving forward.